The Big Give Christmas Challenge

One donation, twice the impact | 30 Nov - 7 Dec

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We are excited to be taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge again, an incredible feel-good opportunity to have your donation to Chickenshed doubled. 

This year, your donations will go towards our 2022 project, AMPLIFY - the voice of the child.

One of the many outcomes of the lockdown period for our children has been their deeper understanding of their need to be heard and share perspectives – with each other and with their wider community.

It is what our children have told us that they miss – the opportunity to feel supported and to give support, and to find ways of their actions being purposeful to ‘others’.

With their leadership, Chickenshed is aiming to AMPLIFY – the voice of the child.

Please consider donating to Chickenshed via the Big Give this Christmas, so we can launch our 2022 project AMPLIFY - the voice of the child.

Read on for more detailed information about our AMPLIFY project.

Amplify - the voice of the child.

AMPLIFY unlocks a deeper understanding of HUMANITY for everyone. It does this because our children speak with the voice of a child – and that is respected as having the power to change hearts and minds. 

AMPLIFY is child-led and child-designed. It will be driven by a steering group, made up of members of Chickenshed’s Children’s Theatre and children from other theatre companies across London and the UK. The steering committee of 13 children will take the project into to their peer-community of over 500 children.

AMPLIFY will share the themes and ideas that emerge from the steering group strategy …so they can be experienced with peers, adults and the whole community. Through this, the project aims to reach a further 5,000 children.

Our children have told us, that what the world needs now is…

  • Connection
  • Hope
  • Imagination
  • Love
  • Direction

In order to support this need, our children have established the following 3 priorities:

  • Child-led conversations about Connection, Hope, Imagination, Love and Direction.
  • Child-led action to share these ideas with those who can make a difference in their community
  • Child-led strategy to use this energy to build a more inclusive future

The outcomes of this project will be:

• Increased capacity of participants to articulate and communicate their ideas related to inclusive communities; increased self-confidence, self-worth and self-efficacy/agency.

• Increased levels of engagement in inclusive arts activity for existing participants and their peers who are not yet involved.

• Increased number of events and activities where children take on leadership roles and model this to potential future partners.

AMPLIFY project examples (full details to be informed by the steering committee)

  • External and internal conferences 
  • Inclusive children’s theatre performance and film-sharing at external venues with ‘new audiences’
  • Child-created podcast
  • Child-led interactive tools for use in schools
  • Child-led ‘summit’ gathering in Summer 2022

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