As many of you will know, Chickenshed has always been so much more than a place. As such, we have been thinking creatively as a collective to make sure that we can continue to connect with those of you who know us well, and form new connections with others who we can now introduce ourselves to.

Virtual Chickenshed will bring us all closer. The needs of the whole of our Chickenshed community are increasing during this time of isolation, so these new ideas and concepts will ensure that we are able to continue to engage with them - and beyond!

Virtual Chickenshed will establish platforms from which we can all continue to share our thoughts and ideas, as well as offering online access to a range of projects and activities.

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Sleeping Beauty - Dream On - Fri 28 May at 7pm

We are delighted to bring our colourful and extravagant 2012 production of Sleeping Beauty - Dream On to you, directly in your own home, via our YouTube Channel.

Chickenshed's spectacular production, Sleeping Beauty – Dream On, takes all the familiar and traditional elements of this much-loved fairy tale, and serves them up with a modern twist. An unforgettable musical extravaganza featuring a large cast who deliver a fabulously entertaining and exciting performance with all the verve, vitality and joy that regular Chickenshed audiences have come to know and love.

And, if you thought that you already knew all about Sleeping Beauty then Dream On!!

Watch the show here:

Tales TV

It's exciting! It's silly! It's blurgh-tastic!

The Tales team have thrown themselves into the virtual world!

When: 11AM | Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Watch Tales TV on YouTube:

Waiting for the Ship to Sail

Waiting for the Ship to Sail was Chickenshed's 2020 Spring Show.

Unfortunately, the run was cut short when we closed our doors mid-March. We know there are so many people who didn't get to see it... well, now everyone can!

...the energy of the performance proves just as infectious in your living room as in a theatre.

Theatre Things review by Liz Dyer

Watch the show here:

100% Chance of Rain

... Chickenshed's 2019 Spring Show.

Combining music, movement and story, inspired and linked by the issues of mental health, this piece again harnessed the incredible creativity and artistry within Chickenshed.

ambitious and affecting piece exploring mental health.

Watch the show here:

Blowin' in the Wind

... Chickenshed's 2017 Spring Show.

Exploring the concept of civil rights in a way that acknowledges the specific struggle of particular communities throughout history and in the present day; communities who have suffered and continue to suffer as a result of prejudice and ignorance.

This show is a perfectly timed and thoroughly enjoyable way to learn, reflect, understand and find hope in a future free from oppression and exploitation.


Watch the show here:

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

... Chickenshed's 2018 Spring Show.

Combining theatre, new and original music and dance to forge a thought-provoking and fascinating piece that will thrill audiences old and young.

Sheer passion-fuelled performances and well-devised content, this casts' ability to bring forth such light through their inclusive, supportive, empowering nature and mesmerising talent, is nothing less than overwhelming.

5***** THE DANCE review 

Watch the show here:

The Midnight Gang

When the clock strikes midnight most children are fast asleep, but for the Midnight Gang the journey is just beginning.

Five children find themselves in hospital for a variety of reasons, including Tom who’s been hit on the head by a cricket ball and really doesn’t want to go back to school. They soon discover that something far more exciting is happening beyond the confines of the children’s ward. A heart-warming and hilarious tale of fun, friendship and adventure ensues, all under the cover of darkness when the horrible matron is sure they are all fast asleep.

Join Chickenshed and the Midnight Gang for an unforgettable midnight adventure - it’s going to be brilliant!!!

Watch the show here:


A passionate, emotive and vibrant show - was first performed by Chickenshed in 2002. This reimagined version was staged as our Spring Show in 2013, with a large scale cast. 

This contemporary piece of physical theatre deals with issues around globalisation, taking the subjects of the abuse of human rights, poverty, slave labour and the exploitation of power and environmental problems and encouraging us to reconsider the importance of community in today’s ever changing world.

Watch the show here:

In the Absence of Silence

Five women meet on the beach in a seaside town for a picnic lunch. As the day progresses their friendship and shared experiences reveal devastating truths from the hidden corners of their lives - but through their heartache and pain has come an unbreakable bond of strength, love and hope.

This optimistic and powerful drama (co-produced with Creu Cymru and developed with South Gwynedd Domestic Abuse Services) is inspired by interviews conducted with women as part of our outreach project, Survivors. In the Absence of Silence is an honest and poignant portrayal of what can all too often be untold stories, and the life-affirming and positive truth of what is possible when the silence is broken.

Age recommendation: 15yrs+

Warning: contains very strong language (spoken and projected) with content and themes which some audiences may find upsetting.

Watch the show here:

Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century is a hard-hitting, raw piece of theatre which explores the issues surrounding gang violence. Using words and movement alongside a contemporary score of hip-hop and dance music, the performance packs a frightening punch and acts as a positive tool in the fight against the savagery of knife crime.  

Background to the production 

Crime of the Century was created in response to a number of fatal stabbings which have affected staff, students and members of Chickenshed over the last decade. Since then, it has toured theatres and schools alongside an innovative workshop programme for secondary school students. Tragically, ongoing events around this issue have highlighted its continuing need and impact. 

Age recommendation: 11yrs+

Watch the show here:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Transport yourself back in time to 2005 and Chickenshed's then Christmas Show - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This brand new musical version of the timeless classic takes you down the rabbit hole with Alice to a land of zany adventures, where nothing is as it seems.

Join the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, the Mock Turtle, the mysterious Cheshire Cat, and the evil Queen of Hearts in this magical, tuneful - and rather silly, yet entertaining - musical for all the family.

With a cast of hundreds, it really is the only wonder to see this Christmas!

Watch the show here:

Peter Pan

We are delighted to bring our magical 2014 show, Peter Pan to you, directly in your own home via our YouTube Channel.

Wendy Darling loves telling her brothers bedtime stories of the dastardly pirate Captain Hook and the heroic Peter Pan, and the children’s imaginations become reality when Peter flies into their nursery one starry night. Together they fly to a mysterious, magical land where children never grow up, fairies truly exist and blood thirsty pirates really roam the seas.

Join Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell and the Lost Children on an exhilarating adventure as they take on the wicked Captain Hook and his pirates, determined to save Neverland and all that they believe in. First shown as the finale to our 40th Festival Year back in 2014, Peter Pan is the perfect adventure for children - and adults who never grew up!

Chickenshed’s famously large and amazingly diverse cast will tell this much-loved family favourite with infectious music, song and dance that will captivate everyone.

Watch the show here:


We are delighted to bring our colourful and extravagant 2017 production of Rapunzel to you, directly in your own home, via our YouTube Channel.

Rapunzel - as you've never seen her before!

Mysterious, romantic and life-affirming, a dramatic re-telling of a story you thought you knew!

Rapunzel has little memory of her life before the tower, but yearns to be free. The woods that surround the tower are full of fantastic and astounding creatures – and while Rapunzel’s famous long hair may give her incredible abilities, she learns that her true strength comes from within. Strength which she may need sooner than she thinks, as some unexpected strangers are about to arrive unannounced…!

Featuring Chickenshed’s famously large and amazingly diverse cast, this magical, musical and mysterious version of Rapunzel will dazzle and delight children and adults alike.


Watch the show here:

The Space Between Us - Living Letters

Living Letters is an inspirational eight week letter-writing project, bringing together vulnerable and isolated older people with members of our Young Company.

Find out more 

Insta | @the_sbu_programme

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Watch our beautiful Chickenshed Community Choir led by Jo Collins, Francis Haines and Liz Kitchen.

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Chickenshed say thank you to all of our key workers. Music by Finn Kebb. #ClapForNHS

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Hold On - The Space Between Us

Chickenshed's Space Between Us group virtually perform 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' by Noel Gallagher.

And there will be plenty more to come.

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