Voices and Choices

A performance workshop transition project for Primary Schools

Voices and Choices is an Anti-Gang Violence and Anti-Bullying Transition Project for Primary Schools which teaches children the importance of choosing a positive role model, being a positive role model and contributing to their school community.

The project has been developed for children in Year 5 and Year 6 and enables them, in a safe, sensitive, inclusive environment, to practically explore through performing arts workshops issues such as:

  • Choosing positive role models now and in secondary school - being a role model and knowing a role model
  • Being aware of potential group bullying behaviour in school in general and secondary school in particular - having a voice in this
  • Making a positive contribution to school communities by gaining confidence and speaking out
  • Actively helping - include other children and giving them a voice

"The children loved it. Behaviour was excellent because they were so engaged. Support for hearing impaired children was excellent. We can't praise the staff highly enough and we would highly recommend you. We definitely want to book up again for next year!"

Teacher – Warren Primary School, Thurrock, Essex

Project Information

Projects consist of three workshops with one workshop per week in the same slot e.g. 1pm - 2.15pm (times are flexible to coincide with school timetables) and it may be possible to do more than one workshop over the course of a day. Each workshop can accommodate two classes or 60+ children.  

Each Workshop runs for 1hr 15mins.

Projects begin with a 25 minute presentation or performance to inspire children with the themes of the project.

Additional Workshops

Primary schools with a feeder school relationship with their secondary school are able to take part in a fourth workshop. The students would be given the opportunity to collaborate with a Year 8 class to allow the younger children to experience working alongside positive role models. Primary schools wanting to pursue this option would need to contact their secondary school partners to help facilitate this link.


We are able to offer this project at a cost of £1200. This applies to schools within the M25 area but we are happy to travel further if organisations can fund additional costs.

Contact Details

For further information please contact the Outreach Programme Manager, Linda Foley
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8216 2723

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Voices and Choices Information Pack


"The Voices and Choices programme- a powerful  interactive play followed by workshops, was seen by 240 Chesterfield Primary School Year 5 & 6 pupils. We had chosen to participate in this learning opportunity as it was highly relevant to our local area at the time; some of our young people were possibly on the fringes of local gang culture, or living near by, and there had been some serious incidents in the locality.  The play was about young people and the impact of their actions on their loved ones.

Children who took part were able to reflect in the workshops about their own actions and how it affected various people around them. They were able to verbalise what kind of adult they aspired to be and the actors encouraged them to think about their life choices.

The staff then followed up the work in the classroom - the staff were able to relate actions to the characters and then allow children to think about the chain of events that led from different choices. Staff were able to see that through the physical re-enactment of difficult/hard to reach subjects all children could understand their own actions.

Feedback from the children was that this had a positive memorable impact, it was a strong message!"  

Teacher at Chesterfield Primary School