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The ShedLink Programme's overall aim is to establish an exciting, vibrant, and inclusive organisation through training. This organisation comprises a Children's Theatre group (ages 7-11), a Youth Theatre group (ages 11-16), and an Adult Company (16+ years).

Each Shed is unique, created by Chickenshed in collaboration with a 'Lead Organisation' supported by the local community. 

A Lead Organisation can be: 

  • A local authority or business seeking to regenerate a specific area. 
  • Primary and secondary schools aiming to forge stronger links. 
  • A group of parents prioritising inclusion for their community. 
  • An individual with the vision and motivation to make things happen. 

All of these models have led to the successful establishment of Sheds. For our partners, the ShedLink Programme acts as a catalyst for change, delivering inclusion, community cohesion, and excellence in the performing arts.

The 'Lead Organisation' we work with must share our passionate belief in the right of every individual to access the performing arts. They should also recognise the tangible benefits this can bring to the wider community.Securing funding to train local arts practitioners in the Chickenshed inclusive creative method is another essential element.

Interested in setting up a Shed?

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