Why support Chickenshed?

As the world around us seems to become increasingly divided, Chickenshed gives us a glimpse of how different things could be. Through inclusion, equality, diversity, and creativity, we can change perspectives and broaden horizons.

We need to secure funding across all our programmes, supporting a wide range of children, young people and adults, many of whom face extraordinary challenges. We are only able to meet the needs of our beneficiaries through generous support from individuals, businesses, grant-making trusts and foundations, and our local community.

For every £1 we earn - through ticket sales, subscriptions and course fees - we need to raise a further £1 so that we can continue using inclusive theatre to change lives and enable everyone to reach their full potential.

Our work has a cost, but it also has a value, that ripples out in to society. It spreads as every year 60 Further and Higher Education students graduate and look to share their inclusive practice within the education and performing arts sectors. The value deepens as our Young Company begin to represent our company on platforms for social change, becoming active changemakers in our world. And the value multiplies as we work in partnership with other organisations who are actively working towards an inclusive future.

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However much you are able to give, your support will make a difference - and you really will be changing lives.