BA (Hons) in Inclusive Performance - Top Up Year

Chickenshed is returning to onsite teaching and learning at our Theatre for all Higher Education courses this Autumn term.

The Top-Up Year Programme ‘Inclusive Theatre - From Performance to Project' builds on achievements and learning outcomes from previous study at Degree level, allowing students to achieve a full BA (Hons) in Inclusive Performance.

In recent years Chickenshed has developed a strong reputation both nationally and internationally for creating successful issue-based performance work that has had a real and lasting impact. By joining this course you will become part of a team who continue to make a difference to people through theatre.

We believe that Theatre is for everyone and has the power to change lives for the better, whichever issues individuals face in their lives. The BA course actively explores this belief and asks important questions about the role of inclusive theatre. Can it make an impact on an issue and the individuals and groups involved in that issue? How do we know? How can we use theatre to find out?

Course structure

The Top-Up year programme engages students to work independently and proactively through advanced analysis, critical reflection and evaluation of performance and project material both within Chickenshed and through Outreach Projects.

Three Modules: 60 Credits for Module 1 and 30 Credits for Module 2, and 3 to make the 120 Credits to complete the Degree. Everything in Higher Education is measured in credits.

  • Module One - Allows students to take a devised Issue based Performance to various target groups in order to create impact and obtain feedback which will help the students to change and adapt the piece.
  • Module Two - Enables students to plan, deliver and evaluate an inclusive theatre workshop project to an identified target group
  • Module Three - Employability and placement. An opportunity to learn employability skills culminating in a short professional placement.

Understanding the needs of the target group in relation to the wider community and promoting social inclusion are at the heart of these workshops. The skills learnt over the course of the year will not only support you in your professional development; they have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the people involved.


As the BA (Hons) is a Top-Up year all applicants must hold the Foundation Degree in Inclusive Performance. It may be possible for students in Community based performance or similar programmes to access the Top Up Year to complete the full BA (Hons) Degree. Cases would be looked at on an individual basis.

Course Fees

Course Fees for the academic year 2021/22 are £6,000.

Further information about the Tuition Fee system and administration for students beginning their HE study can be found on our Student Finance page.


Applications for September 2021 are open.

Take a look at our BA (Hons) course overview and Admissions Policy for more detailed information about the course and download an application form to begin your application. 


BA Hons Course Overview



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