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Start date September 2024
Course length 2 years
Location London
Course fees £
Format Full time

Our BTEC Level 3 Course could be the perfect next step for you.

Over the span of two years, you will have the opportunity to delve into music, dance, drama, and musical theatre through a series of units, acquiring practical experience in inclusive theatre practice. This applied theatre course has received high commendation from external examiners for its quality, inclusivity, and imaginative provision, providing you with a solid foundation in all the disciplines comprising the performing arts.

Applications for September 2024 will be available in mid-October.

"Chickenshed has given me tools that I can use forever as I continue my journey pursuing my dream and for that I thank you"

Inclusive Performance student
BTEC Signed Sealed Delivered
BTEC Signed Sealed Delivered Final Performance 2022


What GCSE’s do I need to be considered for the Level 3?

We are seeking an individual with a passion for music, dance, or drama—perhaps even all three! Normally, to enrol in a Level 3 course, you would need to have obtained 4 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above. However, if you haven't achieved these grades but can demonstrate dedication, the ability to excel in the course, and relevant prior experience, your application will be considered. Your commitment to Chickenshed, the course, and your fellow students is of utmost importance.

In the event that you do not attain a Grade 4 or above in your English and Maths GCSEs, you are now required to continue studying these subjects at the GCSE or Functional Skills level.

Do I require a dance or music qualification? What if I lack singing or instrumental skills or have no prior dance experience?

You don’t need a particular qualification, just a love of performing.

Is there an audition?

No, you’ll have an interview here at Chickenshed

Where is the course based?

At Chickenshed in Southgate, London N14 4PE.

How often do I have to come in?

The course typically consists of 16 hours spent at Chickenshed, and the timetable aligns with the Artistic Framework.

Are there any examinations in the course?

No, the Level 3 course has continuous assessment.

Are there opportunities for non-performance theatre aspects in the course?

Yes, if you have a genuine interest in backstage or technical aspects of performance, you have the opportunity to nurture that aspect of your learning (although these are not an accredited part of your course).

What about support?

Everyone requires support, and we adapt our approach to work effectively with each individual, tailoring our assistance as necessary. During sessions, there are typically between 3 and 5 staff members (often more in performance projects) available to provide support to those who require it and to foster a culture of mutual support among participants.

How much does it cost?

For individuals aged 16-18, there are no fees as this falls under further education, which is free. Additionally, 19 - 23 year old students with an ECHP do not incur any fees. However, for students aged 19 and above without an ECHP, full fees are applicable, and these fees are determined based on personal circumstances.

Are there extra expenses as part of the course?

There are very few additional expenses. You will be responsible for covering the costs of your meals and transportation. Additionally, you should be prepared to supply a file, a notepad, and a pen, as well as comfortable clothing suitable for movement and a costume for the performances in which you participate. You might also need access to reference books, which can be obtained either from a library or purchased. Furthermore, you may need to purchase inexpensive student tickets to attend performances by other companies as part of your learning experience. If any of these costs present challenges for you or your family, we can offer assistance.

What if I have financial problems - or any other problems?

Your initial point of contact will be your tutor. You can apply for the Bursary Scheme via The College of Haringey, Enfield, and North East London (Enfield Centre). They have outstanding student services department that you can always reach out to for assistance.

What happens at the end of the course... do I get help with the next step?

Yes, we provide assistance with UCAS and higher education courses, as well as general career advice, including further training or education options.

What help do I get on the course if I am finding it difficult?

You will have access to your tutors throughout the course, and they will provide you with all the support you need to develop your learning.

How many students are on the course and where do they come from?

There are approximately 70 students on the course, with 35 in each year. The majority of them originate from North or East London, although around 10% travel from more distant locations.

Will I get into university with a Level 3 qualification or do I need to take A levels?

Most universities and drama schools accept the Level 3 qualification as equivalent to 3 A Levels. However, some may stipulate that you need to attain a specific grade in certain subjects, and we will discuss this with you individually.

What subjects do I study as part of the Level 3?

The main subject areas include:

- Acting Improvisation & Devising
- Performance, Devising & Performance
- Dance & Movement Improvisation & Performance
- Musical Theatre Performance & Devising
- Singing
- Performing Arts Rehearsal & Performance
- Professional Practice in Performing Arts

What are the rules of being on the Level 3?

We anticipate punctuality and consistent attendance. Additionally, we expect students to respect and adhere to the principles of our theatre and our company, fostering an inclusive working environment with their peers.

What makes this course different from other Performing Arts courses?

This is the sole performance course of its kind to have originated from our philosophy and practice of inclusive performing arts.

What do I do next?

Click on the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page to submit your application for the course. Subsequently, we will conduct interviews with all students seeking to secure a place on the course.

Open Evening

Find out about our BTEC Level 3 course at one of our Open Events.

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