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Why choose Chickenshed?

Chickenshed believes in a society where everyone can flourish, and where we all belong.

For 50 years we’ve created bold and beautiful theatre and we want to continue to do this for the next 50 years. We feel very privileged to have our venue and our local community, and it’s our young people’s limitless belief that we can reach further, share more, and create bigger change, both nationally and globally.

This is their vision. Our members want to show what the world can be, and for this to happen we need to grow and reach out to more people. We currently need £3.8million a year to keep our doors open

£1.6million of this needs to be fundraised.

Your gift could play a  role in subsidising some of this gap and helping build a better world.

children play in workshop

Did you know?

  • Gifting even 1% to Chickenshed in your will can make a huge difference, whilst ensuring 99% of your estate still goes to your family and friends.

  • Making an amendment to your will (a codicil) is quick and easy. You can do it over the phone with your solicitor, quoting our charity name and registration number (The Chicken Shed Theatre Trust, Reg No: 1012369)

  • Leaving a gift to Chickenshed can reduce inheritance tax on your Estate. You can speak with your solicitor for further information.

  • Over 50% of people pass away ‘intestate’ (without leaving a proper will) which can cause a great deal of additional upset and stress for your loved ones left behind.

  • Making a will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are adhered to, and that the people and causes you love are looked after.

How we can help

We understand that creating a will can be a daunting task, and there are many reasons why some of us delay it. While Chickenshed would love to offer a free will service to our supporters, regrettably, this comes at the expense of the charity.

Will Writing Providers

However, there are lots of providers out there, and we do have relationships with some local solicitors who will be happy to help you. We can also share with you the details of the UK’s largest Will writer who offers an extremely affordable service.

Information Pack

For more detailed information on what to consider when making a will, please download our leaflet or request to have it sent in the post.

We will be holding a number of legacy information events and drop-in clinics with our legal specialists. This is a free service and an excellent opportunity to raise any queries you may have. You can register your interest here:

Gifts in Memory

If you are considering gifting a donation to Chickenshed in memory of your loved one, there are a number of ways that you can do this.

  • Collection

    Having a collection at the service (cheques to be made payable to Chicken Shed Theatre Trust). This can be organised through your funeral director.

  • In Memory JustGiving Page

    Setting up an In Memory JustGiving page can also be a nice way for Family and friends to leave their messages and post photos, especially if they’re unable to attend the service.

  • Making a Donation

    Making a donation via our website, using the drop-down box to select ‘in memory of’ and typing in the name or message.

  • Share Your Story

    You may at some point like to share some special Chickenshed memories with us that we can capture for our archives. We love hearing about our supporter’s histories, and if you are open to it, we could consider using their stories as a tool to promote further legacy giving.

Get in touch

 If you would like to register your interest and for any general queries, please contact Claire Cook.

  • phone

    020 8216 2777

    Call Claire Cook, Events and Philanthropy Manager

  • email

    Email Claire Cook, Events and Philanthropy Manager

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