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About Young Company

Courage, magic, honesty, passion, emotion and truth.

These are all the things that make our Young Company so wonderfully unique. It’s open to absolutely every young person who wants to feel free to explore performance in a space where their creative mind will grow through inclusivity and imagination within an exciting environment.

With support from the Young Company Directors these groups are youth led and youth guided by the members. In this way we ensure that the creative expression of all individuals is at the heart of everything we do.

"It’s a place that feels like home, where the four walls are the essence that continues to rejuvenate and evolve."

Maya Neilson, former YC Member
photo of young company performance in 'imagine if'
Young Company performing in 'Festival of Lost and Found'

We believe that every person who joins our company positively changes the way that we work. The Young Company Directors with teams of creative directors, facilitators and mentors work together to ensure that the programme reflects and develops each member who is part of it. This process of evaluating the strengths of every individual and then finding the creative environment that will celebrate their individuality is core to our inclusive creative method. It is the reason we are able to open up our creative process to ‘everyone’.

Through our workshop and performance programme we aim to reflect the opinions and aspirations of the Young Company and the communities they are a part of.

We aim for our members to have a genuine ownership of the work they are part of throughout the company. Their thoughts and ideas are essential to the development of Chickenshed through constant conversation and a range of forum and evaluation processes. The platforms created with our young people provide space and confidence to collaboratively grow and communicate their stories.

We encourage new and transferable skills within our Young Company as they develop through our inclusive theatre process.

By creating an environment where every individual is valued and celebrated, and combining this with a method of work that aims for excellence, our Young Company develop the skills that enable them to contribute positively in other areas of their lives.

I used to be a member at Chickenshed, It was absolutely amazing. Not only do you feel included, you feel part of a bigger something - a play, a story. Backstage you make so many friends, including people with a different disability to you, or none. Real friends that you learn to trust and last a lifetime.

Shakira Dyer, Former Member and Young Creator

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