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Jojo Morrall

Head of Education Programmes and Projects (Outreach)

Shiloh Maersk

Peer Mentor Support

Dave Carey

Senior Creative Producer

Jimmy Adamou

Peer Mentor Support & Children’s Theatre Facilitator

Louise Perry

Managing Director

Susan Jamson

Press and PR Manager

Charlotte Bull

Borough Link Manager

Louise Reen

Artistic Staff

Georgie Jacobs

Children's Theatre Creative Producer

Penny Deller

Sales Operations Manager

Jenny Pearce

Head of Fundraising

Sue Staples

Senior Marketing Manager

Elia Criscuoli

Marketing and Communications Officer

Nigel Douglas Spurgeon

Musician, Performer, Transcriber and Publisher

Chloe Bradbury

Project Co-ordinator/Performer

Georgie Pratten

Project Co-ordinator and performer

Grace Coulson-Harris

Young Company Assistant

Keran Patel

Youth theatre and Children’s theatre Director

Debjani Mazumder

It brings me immense joy to enable volunteers to contribute to the successes of Chickenshed.

Rachel Yates

Creative Producer- Programme Manager The Space Between us

Sebastian Ross

Artistic Staff Mentor

Bethany Hamlin

Artistic Staff, Mentor, Year Group Tutor

Ash Driver

Artistic Staff, Mentor and BTEC Year 2 tutor

Julie Wood

Partnerships Fundraising Manager

Demar Lambert

Artistic staff/mentor

Cara McInanny

Artistic Staff, Year Group Tutor, Mentor

Courtney Dayes

Artistic Staff, Mentor

Gemilla Shamruk

BA Tutor, Mentor, Artistic Staff

Sarah Jones

Artistic Staff, Mentor

Pete Dowse

Creative Producer

Nick Millican

Nick Millican

Kathleen Hall

Kathleen Hall

Jonathan Shalit

Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE

Lady Rayne Lacey

Lady Rayne Lacey

Aref Lahham

Aref Lahham

Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

Pete Constanti

Pete Constanti

Harvey Thompson

Harvey Thompson

Matthew Lyons

Head of Young Company

Tom Langton

Young Company Director

Sarah Driver

Artistic Staff

Toulla Theophanous

HR Manager

Emma Cambridge

Emma Cambridge

Ellie Morton

Young Company Creative Producer

Lache Fleming

Assistant Education Administrator / Medical support Officer

Maya Nielsen

Creative Project Staff, Young Company Facilitator

Jonny Morton

Senior Creative Producer - Acting Development

Loren Jacobs

Lead Choreographer and Team Leader of Tales

Polly Baker

Assistant Accountant

Andrew Pritchard

Building Supervisor

Christopher Maphosa

Building Supervisor

Lauren Cresswell

RISE Programme Assistant

Paul Morrall

Executive Director of Education Training and Outreach and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Fiona Carey

Creative Producer Voice & Btec Year 2 Programme Manager

Will Lawrence

Artistic Staff

Lauren Cambridge

Artistic Staff

Michael Bossisse

Creative Producer - Outreach, Year group Tutor, Mentor

Antonia Jater-Ezel

Education Coordinator

Sebastian Gonzalez

Inclusive Recording and Technical Support Manager

Mimi Drew

Young Company Assistant

Peter Barrell

Building Manager

Andrew Caddies

Technical Manager

Maureen Wright

Deputy Box Office Manager

Iris Bos

Social Arts Researcher

Phil Haines

Sound, Multimedia and Youth Band Manager

Emma Gale

Costume Supervisor

Daniel Beacock

Head of Finance

Beth Fox

Digital Marketing and Content Manager.

Malcolm Gorrie

Commercial Hires & Events Manager

Katarina Kovacova

Buildings Administrative Officer

Simon Moor

Building Supervisor

Amber smiling

Amber Ogunsanya-William is a Chickenshed alumni and RISE 2023 creative.

alex buga smiling

Alex is a Chickenshed Alumni and RISE Creative

Paul Fricker

Paul Fricker

Zach Opere-Onguende

Zach Opere-Onguende

Chris de pury

Chris De Pury

tony gibbon

Tony Gibbon took up the post of Chair of Chickenshed in January 2019 having been a Trustee since 2008.

Simon Allford

A founding director of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Simon leads a studio working in London and internationally on a wide range of scales and typologies.

Richard Croft

Richard Croft is a Chickenshed Trustee.

Martin Gafsen

Martin is the Director of Property at the John Lewis Partnership.

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Brendan is a Chickenshed Trustee.

holding image

Brendan Kerr is a Chickenshed Trustee.

James Lock

James is a Managing Director of Blackstone’s real estate group based in London.

Ashley Muldoon

Ashley Muldoon is a Chickenshed trustee.

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The Hon. Natasha Rayne

holding image

Theo Sergiou

Phoebe Vela-Hitchcox

Phoebe Hitchcox

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